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At 25, I found myself financially broke, I’m way beyond my big mouth promises, pennies in my pocket, nothing in my bank account, creditors were calling.
I question myself a lot, how did it happen? I graduated cum laude in a prestigious school ...

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A financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of an investor's current and future financial state by using currently known variables to predict future cash flows, asset values and withdrawal plans.


The process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions necessary to achieve those goals. Retirement planning includes identifying sources of income, estimating expenses, implementing a savings program and managing assets.
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Hi, my name is Ej. I’m 29 years old, an ordinary guy from an ordinary family who has extra ordinary dreams in life.

At 25, I found myself financially broke. I was way beyond my big-mouth promises, only pennies in my pocket, nothing in my bank account. Creditors were calling.

I questioned myself a lot. How did it happen? I graduated cum laude in a prestigious school. I worked in one of the biggest companies in Manila. I was earning well, and doing great in my corporate job. I believed I had every reason to be successful in life. But now, thinking about it, I think I bought the wrong game plan.

I grew up believing that to succeed in life, all I need was to study hard, get good grades, get a good job then retire rich, happy, and successful. But the reality was, it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

Why? Because I saw a lot of people, including myself, working more than 5, 10, 15, 20 years already but winding up broke. I thought no amount money can cure this financial disease.

I also had a share of bad experiences doing tons of financial mishaps. I maxed out my Php 120,000 credit card limit and wasn’t able to pay it off. I lost a lot of money in bad investment decisions. Also, I lost a lot of money in failed businesses. And so, I started to lose hope.

Until I met my Financial Wealth Coach at age 26. Don ko lang nalaman na my Financial Blueprint pala was the reason why I was bound to fail financially. Because I was over-spending, I wasn’t able to save consistent, I had no investment, no financial security, and worst, I had no financial awareness. In short, I found out I was financially illiterate.

So my Coach and I did a thorough Financial Plan, and I started to educate myself financially. Read books like “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” “Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind” by T’harv Eker, “Unshakable” by Anthony Robbins, and a lot more.

Fast track right now, I’m already 29. I’m already out of bad debt. I have already investments in Insurance, VUL, Stock Market, UITF, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, and even cryptocurrencies.

And guess what? Because of the value that I saw from my Financial Wealth Coach that time, I decided to become one and to pay it forward. Now, as an Entrepreneur, Investor, and a Millennial Wealth Coach, I can say I consider myself retired before 30′-s.

Because of this financial awareness, I was able to achieve my dreams of becoming a millionaire at a young age. Bought my brand new car with cash. And was able to help my 2 sisters finish their college degrees.

I’m still in awe and super grateful I was able to change my financial mind-set. Good thing people like my Financial Wealth Coach bothered helping me out.

Now as a Millennial Wealth Coach, I’m excited to help a lot of people like me who are in financial turmoil and turn their finances from worse to financial freedom. Of course, it will take time, a lot of discipline, and tons of learning. But believe me, It’s all WORTH IT!

I believe YOLO and being financially free can be both done. This year I was able to travel in 3 continents without worrying about neither finances nor time. Before ang travel ko local or malapit na bansa lang, but now, I was able to experience Europe, Japan, US, Dubai, and many more. It feels like I’m living the life that I want, compared to before that I was only living the life that I can afford.

One of the things I’m proud of was I went to Orlando, Florida, and was able to be part of the Million Dollar Round Table as part of the top 3% Financial Planners in the world, representing the Philippines.

For those people who think that there is no more hope, that life is hard, and that finances are getting worse, hopefully, you’ll be inspired by my story, and I want to say, that everything is possible. We just all need to learn how to succeed, because everything can be learned. If you want to learn how to be rich, learn what the rich people are doing.

My advocacy now is to help people young or old, millennial or feeling millennial, to achieve Financially and Time Freedom thru Financial Education.

There is no secret to financial success. It’s all about awareness, education, and action. So if you believe that there is still a way for you to achieve your financial dreams, aside from your corporate job and traditional way or academic learning, let me help you.

Again, this is Ej Bastes, your Millennial Wealth Coach.